Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The Wallpapers

Hello Everyone

Here are the final wallpapers
Let me know what you think and if there needs to add, edit and etc
I will be printing tomorrow morning so it would be great if you let me know if it need to be modified.












Monday, 29 June 2009

Exhibition / Wallpaper Pattern 03

this is double layered pattern - one mirrored... i have no problem with these two patterns i would like leave the final decission to Joo :p Playing with tones and line thicknesses of the first one can make it interesting too.

not vectoral pattern with shading.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

YT wallpaper

YT- I like the grain idea but could it be more 3d like your application in your project- instead of flat.... I was wondering whether you could repeat/ rotate/ scale/ mirror these drawings- or a version of them (without hands)... what do you think?

Little edit



Exhibition / Wallpeper Pattern 02

the wallpapers so far...

here are wallpapers I have recived, anybody want to share what you think?







Aras Wallpaper

Aras- your wallpaper seems a bit simplistic considering how far you went in the process to understand the cavities etc. in the drawings.... from the stone project. Can you not use this drawing, below and scale/ repeat maybe?


Exhibition / Wallpaper Pattern 01

this is a pattern of my structural skin 1600 x 841 size which i have already sent to Joo in vectoral format, just wanted to share with the unit from the blog.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Monday, 22 June 2009

Saturday, 20 June 2009

City as a Building / 1: 500 Exploded Axonometric

drawing scale 1: 500 and size of an A0 height, A1 width

The annotation and human figures are missing. Drawing shows how circulation works through different levels of different programmes, starting from the District Line Station directly connecting via Lifts, the building being an extension of the city without having a border, a boundary.

I'm planning to add three very thin lines ending with arrows, one showing the connection from Fenchurch Street and the Tower Bridge walk, the other showing the route from DLR Station towards Monument Station, the last one showing the connection at the terrace floor between the three cores.

Urban Room / 1 500 Plans

drawing scale 1: 1000 and A2 size

The plans are not completely cleaned up but the wall thicknesses are there. I will show the direction of the stairs and hotel rooms in different shade color.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Street as a Corridor / 1:200 Axonometric Cutaway

drawing scale 1: 200 and exact size of an A1 sheet

Street as a Corridor

Drawing showing how the existing infrastructure of the city meets with the building at varying levels. An existing walkway under the road meets with the floor of one urban room, Fenchurch Street continues into the hotel, passing by the main reception. Walking from the Tower Gateway DLR station, the urban room cantilevers above the walkway. At the same time, walking from the Fenchurch Street through the building, climbing up the stairs, one person finds himself in the second quiet side of the urban room seeing the sky and the balcony by the edge / which is used as the restaurant of the hotel in the evening.

Darker shading shows the stairs and corridors attached to the hotel rooms on the edge of this quiet side of the urban room.

The coffee room on the edge of the urban room, where you can stay and work for hours - almost like a public living room - is represented really sketchy right now. It will be fixed.

I will have one small London Bus and London Underground icon on where exactly the building meets with them.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Bridge as a Destination / 1:50 Section

drawing scale 1: 50 and exact size of an A1 sheet
the sunlight in the drawing is for the 28th September 10:17

Bridge as a Destination

The section is not 100% finished, I am planning to show the take away and - public living room = coffee space a little more in detail. The westbound reception is also missing its desk and seatings. One last thing is the retail space next to the walkway missing right now, which is the new space for the existing souvenir shop on the site. You can see the three hotel rooms on the right side of the drawing facing the Roman Wall direction.

London Underground logo is also missing on the train - I think it's an important detail to highlight the existance of a station under the building. One more thing is the little food kiosk appearing right on the walkway on the leg of the building: two people are queuing in front of it. I'm missing some details there too.

+ and the entrance to the lift... cores being punched for two doors for two lift cars... i will add that

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Cut Line For Section

Trying to figure out where to place the diagram that illustrates where the cut line for this section should go. Bottom right? Seperate page? Draw a line at the bottom and put it below? Also trying to figure out what the title should be, right now I've called it Plan Section, but I have a feeling this is wrong. Thanks. Zach.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Need Some Help

Here is the plan section with material, inhabitation, and trees. I'm having a problem trying to figure out how to section it onto paper. So my question is how should i go about framing it for the page, and is there anything I'm missing or anything that should be changed. Thanks, zach. Oh one more thing...how do i show this cut line on a plan?

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Fragment model

Today I did laser cut for making fragment model 1:50.

Through laser burn, I made some part.

Even though I used weak laser power, I think that laser burn on the surface is little bit dark.

Jonathan, What do you think about this laser burn?

Axonometric Drawing

Axonometric drawing showing circulation through the building.
(in progress 1:200 scale, 840mm x 2500mm)

Although its not that important for its brief, there're 60 rooms in this hotel.

I am planning to show 3 types of rooms in detail as a pop-up from this axo on the same drawing.

What happens around the station, lifts, stairs and escalator will be more in detail.

Some furnitures will be shown at certain shared spaces.

The drawing will be useful for presenting which programme goes where and how you access it.

I will only use colors for two urban room spaces. one as red and the other one as green.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Working on final form and showing the relationship with the existing (walls)
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Axonometric / Facade Studies

The ground level is finally on a 1:200 axonometric drawing.

The perforated concrete facade is right now represented in maximum density. It will be more varying when it comes to hotel rooms.
The rooms will sometimes have narrow but wider, sometimes larger windows. Some of the windows will be translucent.
Although it looks like a very homogenous facade, ideally it will be a patchwork of materials by having different qualities of materials (transparent, translucent, mesh, open) in every facade cell. At night this would create an interesting pattern of lit rooms.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Borromini- for Artemis & Aine

Borromini used a specific hierarchy of served vs. servant spaces. Niches in plan are joined by domes and coffers in ceilings. Think about ways to address thickness, concealment, apertures, residual spaces and how these conditions help to describe the organisation of spaces within your hotels. Look at the thicknesses + dashed lines- very simple....